Monday, July 6, 2009

Crabs & Airplanes

Last Thursday and Friday my parents invited Tom and I to go crabbing with them at Cornet Bay. We decided that since Thursday was our anniversary, we'd leave on Wednesday night, spend the night in Oak Harbor and have the next morning to see fun stuff in the area. We stopped at the Keg for dinner on the way.

On Thursday we ate breakfast, checked out the local quilt and yarn shop (conveniently in the same building), looked for some Star Wars Decipher cards in a used card/comic/book store, bought large iced Starbucks drinks, and went in search of the Whidbey Naval Air runway. We knew we couldn't get onto the base, but we kept seeing so many cool planes!

We eventually found a road that led just about to the end of the runway. We watched different planes take off and land for about an hour and enjoyed the wildflowers.

We met my parents at Cornet Bay shortly after lunch, and Kelly and Alex met us an hour or so after that. Dad got the boat in the water and we threw the crab pots into the bay. We checked them 3 or 4 times that afternoon and evening, and got about 8 dungeness keepers and a couple red rocks. We spent the night at Deception Pass State Park.

On Friday Dad got the boat back into the water, and the rest of us worked to snipe parking spots next to the water. In between pulling crab pots and rings, we entertained ourselves quite well. Tom read and I knitted. Not to mention it, but the other people there were plenty entertaining to watch!

When the tide came in it was a little harder to get out to the crab rings and tied up boat because you had to risk your life slipping off a submerged slippery log, swim, or be carried to the dock.

In the end we got 18 dungeness and 8 red rocks!

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