Monday, June 22, 2009

The Storehouse

Tom took last Friday off so we could have a relaxed "us" day. We ran a few errands in the morning and came home to read, tidy, and talk. One of the projects we've know that needs to be tackled for a while is our closet. Tom was asking how many syringes and such I have that we could possibly store in boxes rather than leaving in the shelves in the closet as emergency back-up.

After more than 14 years of diabetes, there are quite a few supplies that I've quit using in order to move up the ladder to a better solution for delivering insulin. I started with syringes, dabbling around a few times with different gauges and volumes. About a year ago my doctor suggested I use insulin pens, which were an astronomical jump in convenience. In November we decided an insulin pump would help target my early morning high blood sugars and started figuring out which company and model to choose. I've now been using my Animas Ping for a little over a month and am LOVING it!

Anyway, back to the current closet overstock problem... everything was in a tall plastic drawer tower and taking up 2 shelves. Sorting through it we found some old blood glucose meters I'm hoping to donate to the Holler Lake Clinic, and eliminated excessive packaging by taking 3 loads out to the recycle bin! We organized everything by expiration date and reduced the closet space used to just a couple drawers.

Of course, the kitties insisted on helping.

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