Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 7 & 8

On our last full day of true vacation we ate another great breakfast at our hotel, did a little GPS route finding, and checked out. We knew there was one more lighthouse I wanted to see. We started the hour and a half drive out to West Point. Along the way we drove through more farming country with freshly ploughed red fields. 

This lighthouse looked neat to me because all the others had been white with some red, and this one was black and white striped. This was the only lighthouse that we found open, so we payed our $3.50 each to climb it and look at the things inside and out the top. It is actually set up as an Inn that you can stay in as well! If you look at the last picture in this sequence, you should be able to see some wind towers. We counted over 35 of them at this spot!

After we got back down, I decided I should drink my raspberry cordial. 

We drove through some French communities and out to our last lighthouse that just happened to be on the way off the island. I thought it was in the prettiest setting. There were red cliffs all the way around! This is where Tom thinks the worst part of the trip happened because he got stung by a bee that he thinks I agitated by running around in the grass and wild flowers. We could have just driven off the cliff if we'd felt like it.

We drove on the Confederation Bridge to get off Prince Edward Island and back onto New Brunswick. It is 8 miles long! 

We drove from there into Moncton, one of the larger cities in New Brunswick. We had dinner and decided to hang around until 9:45pm so we could see the tidal bore come up the river off the Bay of Fundy. The ripples you can see in the picture is the wave coming upriver. 

We spent the night at Mactaquac Provincial Park just outside of Fredericton, NB. We knew we needed to get this far south that night so we could make it to the airport in time the next day. This meant driving for 3ish hours with our music cranked to help us stay awake and look for moose on the road. Very sadly, we never saw any! We arrived around midnight, and left at about 7:30am, which meant that we didn't have to pay because the booth wasn't open and there was no other way to register! We drove past the Mactaquac damn and then towards the US border. About 5km before the border crossing we saw a HUGE black bear decide not to cross the freeway. 

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