Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 6 - Anne Day!

This was our Anne of Green Gables Day! We ate a lovely breakfast in the beautiful dining room at the Shaw Hotel, where we were staying, played a game of Bohnanza with Tom's birthday expansion, and headed to Cavendish. 

On our way we stopped at the North Rustico Harbour Lighthouse. 

We parked at the site of the home that LM Montgomery lived in for the first half of her life. We learned that she was raised by and lived with her grandparents on the McNeil homestead until their death. The home is no longer standing, but it's cellar is still there. There are beautiful fields and plants all over the area!

Between the McNeil homestead and the house that LM Mongomery used as her model for Green Gables (a relative's home) we walked through the Haunted Wood. Neither of us thought it seemed remotely haunted. 

They were painting the Green Gables house, which meant we got to see it half surrounded by scaffolding. They had set up the inside as it would have been when the author lived next door, and with items described in her books about Anne. The following room pictures are from the pantry, dining room, and Anne's room.

We walked down the path known as Lovers' Lane in the Anne books. We also walked through the cemetery that houses the graves of Montgomery and her grandparents. 

After a relaxing lunch of bagels and cream cheese in the car, we drove to New London to see the house LM Montgomery was born in. We decided not to go in because it cost money, just like everything else! We went back through Charlottetown, got take our salads for dinner, and drove out to Delvay by the Sea, the summer home turned hotel used in the Anne movies as the White Sands. It was not yet open for the season, but there was going to be a wedding over the weekend, so we were given free range of the entire building, except the bar!

On our way back to our hotel that night, we decided to stop at the beach. We both love the red sand, and we wanted to stick our feet in the Atlantic Ocean! It was cold enough that I couldn't stand it very long. We also drove past some lovely red cliffs and herons while the sun was setting. 


  1. These are all BEAUTIFUL shots - you both take great pictures and what beautiful scenery you had to shoot.

  2. I cannot tell you how jealous i am of your anne adventures! We might need to have an AGG marathon around here soon so i can see all your pictures.
    Fun that the white sands is actually there - i have fond avonlea memories of felix working there. :)


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