Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 5

On Wednesday morning we cleaned up our campsite, took nice warm showers, and set off for more sightseeing. We took our little Yaris "Jeeping" on a red dirt/mud road to Panmure Island Lighthouse. 

From there we continued on to Cape Bear. This lighthouse was the first to pick up the Titanic's distress signal and pass it along. We are continually amazed at the weather here! We keep expecting wind on the ocean, but it's barely breezy and very warm!

I finally got a chance to play in the water a tiny bit when we stopped to see the Murray River lights (both rather small). 

We also stopped at the Pt. Prim lighthouse. In one of the tourist info booklets I was leafing through on the ferry, I saw an advertisement for a wool mill, so we stopped to check it out in the afternoon. It turned out to be pretty cool. They make all the machinery there for looms and such, and gave us a tour of their facility. I bought a skein of teal yarn they had spun! 

After the wool mill, we decided to check out Charlottetown. We toured the overpriced Anne of Green Gables Store, a quilt shop where I found some awesome Anne of Green Gables fabric, and the wharf area. 

We checked into the Shaw Hotel. It's been running since 1860, and we were the only people actually staying in the building! 

Last night we finally had our lobster supper! We split a 1 pound lobster, which tasted soooo good, and got to eat from the 60 foot salad bar! It was probably one of the best dinners we've had in a long time! 

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