Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 3

Today we had a great breakfast at our Bed & Breakfast, and took a very windy walk along the rocks along one side of the Peggy's Cove. Below is the view we have from our room. 

We then drove around to the lighthouse side. We took a few quick pictures, mailed a couple postcards, and headed back to Halifax for a day of exploring! The cove picture here is taken from the lighthouse side of the cove, and if you look closely the yellow building you see is our Bed & Breakfast. The church behind it is the oldest Anglican church in North America.

On our way we saw a wind tower and decided to see how close we could get. 

We did a little driving through Halifax and ended up going for a quick jaunt into Roots, Lululemon, and Starbucks. Sadly, this Starbucks didn't have a province or city mug either! We then drove around the Citadel, intending to go in, but it would have cost more than $25! We drove around it twice instead and drove along the wharf district and through streets of beautiful old homes. We enjoyed a picnic lunch in our car at a the mouth of Halifax Harbor by a WWII fort where we found a gun for Tom to violate several rules of firearm safety with. 

Back in Peggy's Cove we had a relaxing afternoon, enjoying our view and a little sunshine. 

Along our quest for a place that is open this time of year for dinner (apparently it's not really tourist season yet) we found some carnivorous insect eating plants, also know as pitcher plants. We found a place and ate some yummy haddock fish n' chips in West Dover. 

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