Monday, June 29, 2009

Busy Weekend

We had yet another busy weekend! I spent Friday baking 60 mini cheesecakes and making 50 chicken tea sandwiches for a bridal shower that Tom's cousin Chelsea and I co-hosted for a cousin-to-be. I actually go to use a couple pieces of my Grandmother's desert rose dishes; probably their first use in 20 years! The shower did a good job of consuming our Saturday. A large group of family went to dinner at Chan's Place in Woodinville in the evening.

Yesterday after church in the morning, we picked up Subway on our way to University Village to find Tom some button-down shirts that fit. (He spent some time on Saturday weeding out the things in his wardrobe that were too large.) It turns out that it was sidewalk sale day! My new favorite store, Lululemon had a ton of pants, tops and such on clearance. I found an exercise top and a pair of crops that they helped fit and are altering the length on for free! We also managed to find a shirt on sale for Tom at the Gap.

We spent the evening at home finishing up Season 3 of Star Trek Voyager and eating left-over shower food!

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