Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Embryo Adoption Update

Here's a quick update on where things are at with embryo adoption. (If you don't know about our process, you can read about it here.)

We completed our home study, which included quite a bit of paperwork, FBI finger printing, child abuse screening, and getting reference letters from friends. We also had to put together a bio explaining who we our, our interests and our values. We also put together the four required pages of pictures showing us, how we celebrate holidays and special occasions, our family, and where we live.

Last week we met again with Maria from Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park to turn in our bio and pictures and write our check. She followed up on our hopes for the matching process she facilitates with the genetic parents and told us about a couple families she was thinking about for us. She told us to plan on a rough 2-4 month window for an embryo transfer and said we should get back in touch with Dr. Criniti at Seattle Reproductive Medicine.

Beyond that, there's not much we are able to do to help the process along. We've spent the last couple months trying to sort through things we have in our storage room and in our second bedroom, reduced the amount of extra furniture hanging around, and setting up a couple cupboards with doors to keep computer and craft things in. I've also been using my insulin pump for about 6 weeks now, and am enjoying well-controlled blood sugars!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Busy Weekend

We had yet another busy weekend! I spent Friday baking 60 mini cheesecakes and making 50 chicken tea sandwiches for a bridal shower that Tom's cousin Chelsea and I co-hosted for a cousin-to-be. I actually go to use a couple pieces of my Grandmother's desert rose dishes; probably their first use in 20 years! The shower did a good job of consuming our Saturday. A large group of family went to dinner at Chan's Place in Woodinville in the evening.

Yesterday after church in the morning, we picked up Subway on our way to University Village to find Tom some button-down shirts that fit. (He spent some time on Saturday weeding out the things in his wardrobe that were too large.) It turns out that it was sidewalk sale day! My new favorite store, Lululemon had a ton of pants, tops and such on clearance. I found an exercise top and a pair of crops that they helped fit and are altering the length on for free! We also managed to find a shirt on sale for Tom at the Gap.

We spent the evening at home finishing up Season 3 of Star Trek Voyager and eating left-over shower food!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Quadruple Celebration

On Saturday we had Tom's family and my family over for some post-birthday and pre-father's day celebrating. Both Tom's birthday and his dad's birthday happened while we were on vacation. We had had enough chili (typically an easy large group meal for me) recently, so I made pulled pork sandwiches instead. Tom went hiking with Dave in the earlier part of the day while I got things ready and enjoyed a little knitting time. We had a fun time visiting, eating, and watching a little gift opening.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Storehouse

Tom took last Friday off so we could have a relaxed "us" day. We ran a few errands in the morning and came home to read, tidy, and talk. One of the projects we've know that needs to be tackled for a while is our closet. Tom was asking how many syringes and such I have that we could possibly store in boxes rather than leaving in the shelves in the closet as emergency back-up.

After more than 14 years of diabetes, there are quite a few supplies that I've quit using in order to move up the ladder to a better solution for delivering insulin. I started with syringes, dabbling around a few times with different gauges and volumes. About a year ago my doctor suggested I use insulin pens, which were an astronomical jump in convenience. In November we decided an insulin pump would help target my early morning high blood sugars and started figuring out which company and model to choose. I've now been using my Animas Ping for a little over a month and am LOVING it!

Anyway, back to the current closet overstock problem... everything was in a tall plastic drawer tower and taking up 2 shelves. Sorting through it we found some old blood glucose meters I'm hoping to donate to the Holler Lake Clinic, and eliminated excessive packaging by taking 3 loads out to the recycle bin! We organized everything by expiration date and reduced the closet space used to just a couple drawers.

Of course, the kitties insisted on helping.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Loving the Sunshine at Home

It hasn't rained at all since we got back from out trip! We've both enjoyed the time change shift that has helped us to keep getting up early in the mornings. When Tom gets home from work earlier in the day now we get to spend a little time outdoors!

We had about three days of laundry to catch up on and a week full of other activities. I got to spend an afternoon with my friend Mary, another afternoon finding out a little more about the ministry needs at church, and yesterday helping set up for my cousin's wedding!

Today both Tom and I got to help out with a little coordination and a lot of work getting the room ready for the cake reception after the ceremony and keeping the punch bowls full.

On our way home this afternoon we decided to stop at Flower World to say hi to Tom's dad and to see their peacocks. We also got to see lots of cute baby geese!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 7 & 8

On our last full day of true vacation we ate another great breakfast at our hotel, did a little GPS route finding, and checked out. We knew there was one more lighthouse I wanted to see. We started the hour and a half drive out to West Point. Along the way we drove through more farming country with freshly ploughed red fields. 

This lighthouse looked neat to me because all the others had been white with some red, and this one was black and white striped. This was the only lighthouse that we found open, so we payed our $3.50 each to climb it and look at the things inside and out the top. It is actually set up as an Inn that you can stay in as well! If you look at the last picture in this sequence, you should be able to see some wind towers. We counted over 35 of them at this spot!

After we got back down, I decided I should drink my raspberry cordial. 

We drove through some French communities and out to our last lighthouse that just happened to be on the way off the island. I thought it was in the prettiest setting. There were red cliffs all the way around! This is where Tom thinks the worst part of the trip happened because he got stung by a bee that he thinks I agitated by running around in the grass and wild flowers. We could have just driven off the cliff if we'd felt like it.

We drove on the Confederation Bridge to get off Prince Edward Island and back onto New Brunswick. It is 8 miles long! 

We drove from there into Moncton, one of the larger cities in New Brunswick. We had dinner and decided to hang around until 9:45pm so we could see the tidal bore come up the river off the Bay of Fundy. The ripples you can see in the picture is the wave coming upriver. 

We spent the night at Mactaquac Provincial Park just outside of Fredericton, NB. We knew we needed to get this far south that night so we could make it to the airport in time the next day. This meant driving for 3ish hours with our music cranked to help us stay awake and look for moose on the road. Very sadly, we never saw any! We arrived around midnight, and left at about 7:30am, which meant that we didn't have to pay because the booth wasn't open and there was no other way to register! We drove past the Mactaquac damn and then towards the US border. About 5km before the border crossing we saw a HUGE black bear decide not to cross the freeway. 

Day 6 - Anne Day!

This was our Anne of Green Gables Day! We ate a lovely breakfast in the beautiful dining room at the Shaw Hotel, where we were staying, played a game of Bohnanza with Tom's birthday expansion, and headed to Cavendish. 

On our way we stopped at the North Rustico Harbour Lighthouse. 

We parked at the site of the home that LM Montgomery lived in for the first half of her life. We learned that she was raised by and lived with her grandparents on the McNeil homestead until their death. The home is no longer standing, but it's cellar is still there. There are beautiful fields and plants all over the area!

Between the McNeil homestead and the house that LM Mongomery used as her model for Green Gables (a relative's home) we walked through the Haunted Wood. Neither of us thought it seemed remotely haunted. 

They were painting the Green Gables house, which meant we got to see it half surrounded by scaffolding. They had set up the inside as it would have been when the author lived next door, and with items described in her books about Anne. The following room pictures are from the pantry, dining room, and Anne's room.

We walked down the path known as Lovers' Lane in the Anne books. We also walked through the cemetery that houses the graves of Montgomery and her grandparents. 

After a relaxing lunch of bagels and cream cheese in the car, we drove to New London to see the house LM Montgomery was born in. We decided not to go in because it cost money, just like everything else! We went back through Charlottetown, got take our salads for dinner, and drove out to Delvay by the Sea, the summer home turned hotel used in the Anne movies as the White Sands. It was not yet open for the season, but there was going to be a wedding over the weekend, so we were given free range of the entire building, except the bar!

On our way back to our hotel that night, we decided to stop at the beach. We both love the red sand, and we wanted to stick our feet in the Atlantic Ocean! It was cold enough that I couldn't stand it very long. We also drove past some lovely red cliffs and herons while the sun was setting. 

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 5

On Wednesday morning we cleaned up our campsite, took nice warm showers, and set off for more sightseeing. We took our little Yaris "Jeeping" on a red dirt/mud road to Panmure Island Lighthouse. 

From there we continued on to Cape Bear. This lighthouse was the first to pick up the Titanic's distress signal and pass it along. We are continually amazed at the weather here! We keep expecting wind on the ocean, but it's barely breezy and very warm!

I finally got a chance to play in the water a tiny bit when we stopped to see the Murray River lights (both rather small). 

We also stopped at the Pt. Prim lighthouse. In one of the tourist info booklets I was leafing through on the ferry, I saw an advertisement for a wool mill, so we stopped to check it out in the afternoon. It turned out to be pretty cool. They make all the machinery there for looms and such, and gave us a tour of their facility. I bought a skein of teal yarn they had spun! 

After the wool mill, we decided to check out Charlottetown. We toured the overpriced Anne of Green Gables Store, a quilt shop where I found some awesome Anne of Green Gables fabric, and the wharf area. 

We checked into the Shaw Hotel. It's been running since 1860, and we were the only people actually staying in the building! 

Last night we finally had our lobster supper! We split a 1 pound lobster, which tasted soooo good, and got to eat from the 60 foot salad bar! It was probably one of the best dinners we've had in a long time!