Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

We had a great Memorial Day weekend! We were able to squeeze in helping friends move, Starbucks in the sun with Tom's mom, hot dog BBQ with Tom's parents, church, several episodes of Star Trek Voyager, dinner at the Keg with my birthday coupon, a small hike, and dinner with my family and some family friends.

We started off Monday with lunch at my parents' with our friends. Kelly and Alex then joined us and "the kids" all went for a quick hike down to Meadowdale Beach (along with about a million other people) before dinner. We found lots of little critters as we turned over rocks on the beach. We saw hermit crabs, rock crabs, anemones, and some other unknown leach-like things. We then enjoyed yummy steak dinner and a game of Bohnanza

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