Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Here's what we do on a rainy day...

(We, meaning the three of us who are in charge of the general state of cleanliness and order at home!) Some of us sleep on the couch, even though the hummingbirds keep coming for their nectar in the rain. Side note: in the last 7 days, the hummies (that is what Orangey calls them, as everything he talks about has an "ie" on the end, like mousie, doggie, etc.) have drunk over a cup of sugar water and we've witnessed several territorial disputes over the feeder!

Some of us sleep in the freshly washed towels still waiting to be folded on the bed.

And some of us try to sort through all the bedding that has been hogging the top shelf in the closet. Remind me again why we have sheets and blankets for twin, full, and queen beds?! I spent a while packing up and squeezing out the air to store the twin and queen stuff out in our storage unit!

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  1. Haha, that is funny, Oliver loves to sleep on clean towels too. And clean laundry, Wherever it may be. That means folded up in the closet or waiting to be folded on the bed! I love cats, they are so cute.


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