Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 1 & 2

Most of you know that we left Friday night for our trip to Maine and north eastern Canada. We thought we'd share a few of our pictures and give a little update on where we've been! 

Our plane took off a few minutes late from SeaTac at 11pm. We landed in Philadelphia at roughly 5am Seattle time, which translates to 8am their time. We had breakfast and took a tiny little plane to Bangor, Maine from there, arriving at about 11:30am. We got our rental car, hit up WalMart for a cooler and some food, stopped at a Starbucks (apparently there are no Starbucks mugs for Maine!?), and started driving North. We made a few stops where things looked interesting, and got to our first destination; Lubec, Maine. It is the most eastern piece of land in the US excluding territories.

From there we continued along coastal road as much as possible, and drove into Canada. My passport got its inaugural use, but sadly received no stamps. We both love the old architecture of homes and churches around here. Most of the houses are either Victorian or older farm house style, and have been kept up well. The churches all have awesome steeples and stained glass. We stopped at an information station above Reversing Falls (called the because there are such large tidal shifts it appears like a river going one of two ways depending on the time of day), and ended up sleeping in our little rental Toyota Yaris just outside a city campground in St.  John because the campground had closed for the night. 

This morning we headed out along the Bay of Fundy. This is the area that is know for having the most severe tides in the world. As we drove along we saw miles and miles of red mud tide flats. We stopped at a little fishing village and noticed that all of the boats were sitting in the mud. We walked into a lobster shop, and the lady running it told us they strap wooden crates under the sides of the boats so that they don't get damaged as the tides rest them in the rocks and mud. 

The roads along the Fundy Coast were some of the prettiest we've seen. There are so many tiny little villages, and so many old buildings. We came across the following church and school along that road. The school (K-12) had some pretty exciting looking fire escapes, as well as separate entrances for boys and girls!

We stopped at a railroad museum to get our lunch out and ended up going for a little exploratory walk because the weather was so warm and it looked interesting. We were amazed at how clean and un-vandalized everything was, considering it was open without any attendants. 

At some point we left New Brunswick and crossed into Nova Scotia. We've been hoping to see some moose, but have instead seen deer, pheasants, a raccoon, and a few dead porcupines. We drove through Halifax this evening on our way to Peggy's Cove, where we're spending tonight and tomorrow night. We checked into our bed and breakfast, had some yummy seafood dinner, and are now having a quiet, non-driving evening! 

If we have internet, I'll try to post more pictures soon! 

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