Sunday, May 3, 2009


Anyone else have a talking doll from their childhood? This is Cricket! If I remember correctly, my Grandmother gave her to me for Christmas when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I was so excited about her! She has a cassette tape player in her back. When her tape is playing, her mouth moves as she talks and sings, and her eyes swing back and forth. My brother and sister were probably about 2 when I got her, and were enamored with her moving mouth. We all thought it was funny to stick our fingers in her mouth to be "bitten." 

Over the next couple birthdays and Christmases, I received 2 more outfit/play sets for her. One is a sleepy time outfit with awesome bunny slippers, and the other is a flower girl outfit for her cousin's wedding. Considering I only had 3 tapes for her, I must have driven people crazy! I can still remember some of the songs and rhymes I learned from her. 

The following picture was taken the Christmas she was given to me. 

While cleaning out our second bedroom we re-found her! Tom is scared of her though, and I have to agree, now she looks a little intense! 

Check out the following video I took of Cricket this afternoon to see why Tom is scared of her. (Our kitty is not pleased with her either!) :) 


  1. haha that is terrifying. Although I had a doll similar that talked and did stuff and I loved her... I'm guessing that today she would also be creepy.

  2. I love Orangey's face in this. He looks so worried!

  3. I want to buy one know of any 4 sale at a reasonable $?


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