Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bargain Day

Today has been a fun day for me! Here are some of the bargains I've experienced, or will experience today! 
  • Rebecca invited me to go to the Seattle Asian Art Museum with her, and I got in at the student price! (At least the lady at the desk didn't think I was Rebecca's mother! Yes, that has happened, although normally people think we're sisters.) It was actually a fun place! I liked looking at all the Chinese art. I love the way they draw trees and blossoms. I think my favorite piece was a giant scene of blossoming trees with monkeys in them, and people climbing up higher into the mountains and waterfalls. We also saw an urn that was more than 4000 years old! 
  • I saw a bald eagle without trying to find one. He was sitting regally on a street light observing the morning traffic on 520 just before it passes over the Arboretum! 
  • Parking was free for the museum in Volunteer Park! I'd never been to this park before, but it was beautiful! I'm excited to take Tom there sometime soon! There are some beautiful old buildings, including a round brick tower, and a huge glass conservatory!
  • I found affordable yet still cute and thick oven mitts at Anthropologie in University Village! They cost less in the store than they do online! The 2 red ones I was given at a bridal shower have been used so much that they've got holes worn in them, and are not preventing heat from reaching my hands like they used to.
  • I didn't buy any house plants at Ravenna Gardens. It's such a cute shop, but apparently none of their house plants are happy with very little sunlight while living on top of our bookcases! I asked one of the ladies working there today if she had anything that might like this environment, but the 2 plants she showed me were far to tall to even sit on the top of our bookcases, out of kitty reach. 
  • I found a fun 4 dollar ring at H&M, a newer clothing store in the northwest. I'm still not a big fan of their clothing, but their accessories can be kind of fun. 
  • Tom is bringing home free pizza for dinner tonight! Last time he ordered pizza, he asked them to leave the oil spray off and they forgot. They said they'd credit the money to our account for the next time we get pizza! 

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