Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Came Early

Tom and I celebrated our 5th Valentine's Day together last night! We celebrated early because Tom had his wisdom teeth out today. Tom brought home a dozen red roses for me, and we headed out. We had talked about getting Gyros for dinner in Redmond at a little place we go every once in a while, but instead decided to go to a new place down in Juanita called Pradia Mediterranean Food that has just recently opened. Oh, and it has seating, something the place in Redmond doesn't have! Tom got a lamb Gyro plate with Basmati rice (ewww... who wants sweet rice anyway?) and I had a chicken Gyro. It's definitely a place we'll go back to! 

Tom had recently found a Plumb song on one of his Pandora stations that he really liked, so I had ordered her newest cd, Blink for him a few weeks ago. I gave that to him as we were leaving, so we listened to it in the car as we were driving around. I think it's on the top of both our lists right now.

After dinner Tom took me shopping at Free People, my favorite store! He helped search through their racks for things I should try on. We ended up picking out a cute skirt and a red sweaterish sort of long cardigan.  On our way home we stopped at Dairy Queen for dessert. We then watched an episode of Star Trek Voyager. A perfect early celebration! 

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