Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Renaissance Party

On Saturday night Tom & I went to our friend Philip's birthday party. It had a Renaissance theme, so we started brainstorming about what we could wear a couple days ahead of time. I found a brown billowy sort of skirt at Value Village, and a maroon top with draped sleeves (which by the way do indeed make it hard to eat!). I had looked around for a velvet dress at a thrift store, but they were all HUGE sizes and still pretty pricey. I decided I'd go for a peasant look, but ended up looking more like a hippie-gypsy. I braided my hair and accessorized with a ton of my Grandmothers old bling jewelry. I think I had on 4 necklaces, one around my head, and 3 big fake rings! 

Tom had a harder time coming up with ideas, but in the end we settled on his black legging long johns, shorts, his green shirt, and a brown leather vest he'd bought at Value Village for the same friend's birthday party with a Western murder mystery theme the previous year. He also added his moccasins, 2 leather belts, a knife and a sword, and his knit beanie that I made for him with a string under his chin. 

We were a little bummed, but only about a third of the people actually dressed up. We had a couple friends tell us we looked more like Robin Hood and Pocahontas than anything else! It was a fun night with good food, friends, and a few games. 

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