Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh Kitty

Tom and I got our kitties about 3 weeks after our wedding. They're silly but a constant source of entertainment. I thought I'd share a few of their quirks today! 
  • Our cats involve themselves in EVERYTHING! When we do home improvement projects (such as our bedroom sanding, mudding, painting) they just had to be in the room with us, especially since we had super cool plastic sheets that make an awesome crinkling sound when you pounce! 
  • We had to teach Orangey to eat dried food! When we got him (the runt) he only knew how to eat wet food. We were scared, but shouldn't have worried. Now he's a large 18 pounds of snuggle!
  • Missy likes to eat primrose blossoms and Orangey loves fresh chives, right out of my deck planter (which then gives him amazing death breath).
  • Orange loves to bury his purring runny nose in my hair at night.
  • Missy has a "safe house." Somehow she and and Orangey have this agreement so that he won't bother her when she's in her tent. 
  • Missy likes to play fetch with her bouncy balls, and will actually bring them back to us. However, we have to look away or she gets too excited and drops them before reaching the tosser. 
  • Orangey has a bedtime routine. When he thinks it's time for us to go to bed, he curls up on the end of it and looks expectantly for us. If we're not there soon enough for him, he starts pacing the house and looking perturbed. 
  • Orangey pilfers things... He took and ate my first beta fish one morning while I was in the shower, he stashes paper clips, zip-ties, pens, pencils, straws, candy wrappers, and other small things that he pulls off the table under our couches. 
  • Missy thinks she owns Christmas tress. She'd also like to know why the bows are on the presents when they make good toys. 
  • Orangey also gives treats! His prized possession is his blue fleece worm toy. No matter where we put it in the house, it has always been gifted to one of us by the morning so that when we step out of bed we step on wormie. He also likes to put mousies and bouncy balls in our shoes. 
  • Missy likes to primp. In the morning when I'm drying my hair or putting on my make-up she jumps on the the counter and admires herself in the mirror. 
  • We know our cats are supremely happy when they lay on their backs with legs and toes stretched into the air.
  • Orangey has figured out how to utilize bed covers. If I don't make the bed, he crawls in between the covers and proudly pokes his head out! 
  • One night when we left the sugar bowl out, our furry friends figured out how to get the lid off, lick their toes, stick them in the bowl, and then pull them out with wonderful sweet treats. 
  • We gave our kitties presents for their first Christmas... 12 cent feeder fish! Orangey was brave and took care of them for us, but Missy wouldn't get her fuzzy little paws wet! Valiant Orange kept sticking his head under water, trying to catch them, but didn't realize he couldn't breath in the water! He kept coming back up sputtering and confused, but in the end the fishies were in his tummy. 
  • If the kitties find an empty box or basket, they'll try to squeeze in, no matter what size.
  • Out of all the cars in the parking lot, they know which ours sound like and will get up and meet us at the door when we walk in. 
  • They know how to get the good stuff. A Kitchenaid mixer with fresh cookie dough? Who doesn't like cookie dough!? (Rest assured, we have since trained them that kitchen counters and dining tables are not appropriate places to sit.)
  • Orangey is learning parkour. Actually he's an expert. He runs down the hall, makes a hard right turn onto the laminate floor, skids for about 3 feet, then takes a leap up with his body parallel to the floor. His feet are all out to one side now, then somehow all 4 hit the door with his body still out over the floor as if laying on his side. Hard. He slides to the floor with a very loud thump and takes off growling and barking. He can't hiss to add to his fierceness. Poor kitty. He's trying so hard to be manly. 
  • Orangey and I are movie mates for life. He loves Beauty and the Beast! 
  • Orangey loves to "help" make the bed. The only problem with this is that with every new sheet or blanket I spread on the bed, he has to jump into the center and attack it. At least we know it's safe and dead when we climb into bed each night!
They have many other quirks, but I figure that's enough to entertain you for now! 

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