Saturday, February 28, 2009

Frisbee Golf

We both knew we wanted to do something outside today, but weren't sure exactly what that would be. We had talked about going for a drive to Fort Warden or Hurricane Ridge, but decided we'd like to be home for part of the day to work on projects and such. We narrowed our options down to climbing at Marymoore or frisbee golf (also known as disk golf) at Juel Park in Redmond. In the end we settled on frisbee golf. 

We both had a ton of fun, and are happy to have been outside, even for just a couple hours! We played through the 9 hole course twice. Our first round scores were Tom: 39 and Stacy: 57. Our second round scores were Tom: 40 and Stacy:51. 

One thing we were amazed at was the number of mole hills in the park. There were hundreds of them all over, and some of them were HUGE! The field was still really wet and muddy in places. Both of us lost frisbees in a huge puddle at one point, but Tom was able to get them out. Sorry I couldn't get any action shots of Tom, he moves so fast! ;)

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