Sunday, December 13, 2009

Seattle Motorcycle Expo

Yesterday we spent most of the day (7 hours!) at the Seattle Motorcycle Expo. We saw quite a few interesting motorcycles and trikes, sat on a few ourselves, and got to spend time with good friends (Thanks for the tickets, Scott!). Below are a few pictures we thought you might enjoy.
There were a ton of cool looking vintage motorcycles on display.
The first time I've ever been on a motorcycle by myself, a Ninja 250.
We watched a Ducati stunt team twice. The floor was super slippery, so they sprayed pancake syrup all over to make their tires stick a little better.
Here's Tom on a Ducati!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Snowflake Lane

On Thursday night we got to visit Snowflake Lane in Bellevue with Kelly and Alex. It's basically a street performance with people dressed up as drum majors, winter characters, and stilt walkers all singing and dancing to Christmas music that is piped into the area. Brightly colored LED lights flash on all the building sides and fake snow (bubbly stuff) is blown down to the sidewalk and streets. We had fun, but got so cold! After the show was over we retreated to Starbucks for hot drinks and a game of Killer Bunnies! I'm sorry the pictures are a bit fuzzy in spots, but this is the first chance I've really had to take pictures in the dark with this camera!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kitty Helps

Yesterday I spent a few hours trying to cram in some house cleaning time. It would have gone much faster, but I had this cute orange kitty following me all over, helping. He even recruited his sister for me.

I started with the dishes in the kitchen. He sat on the floor next to me, staring at me the whole time. Next I moved into the bathroom to clean the mirror, counter, sink, toilet, and tub. While cleaning the mirror with paper towels and Windex, he sat on the toilet following the paper towel motions with his head. As I laid paper towels with bleach around the tub along the grout, he turned around and watched, sniffing and giving me a very inquisitive little face. Orange did not want to leave the bleach along in his bathtub. He ended up sitting and monitoring it for the 45 minutes that I left it soaking! He was more than a little offended when I moved him off the toilet so that I could clean it.

We then walked into the bedroom to pick up a few piles and make the bed. Orange is a bed-making pro. As I put up each layer of sheet or blanket, he pounces on it and kills it for me. However, he is generally not interested moving on to the next layer, which turns the process into a game of un-stick the Orangey claws. Once the bed was made I dumped the clean laundry onto it for folding. For some reason, the smell of fresh laundry makes both kitties very happy. This particular time Orangey ended up snuggling up on a wash cloth, completely unwilling to give it up!

Before vacuuming, I decided to dump out some holly sprigs, fir branches, and cedar branches on the floor to make a wreath for our front door. Both kitties signed up to help with this task before the sign-up sheet had gone around the room! Missy's role consisted of checking each branch for tastiness, which eventually got her banned. Orange helped in a more practical support role, sitting next to me smiling as I cut wire and twisted everything onto the wreath frame. Both kitties declined to help with the vacuum clean-up.

After the chores were done, I sat down on the couch to do a little Bible study. Somehow, Missy has open Bible radar. She appears out of nowhere and sits down in the middle of my Bible whenever it's open. When she realized this wasn't the best option, she climbed onto the back of the couch and proceeded to give me a head rubbing massage!

Oh how the kitties make me laugh!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Card Pictures

A few weeks before Thanksgiving Tom and I took a few pictures, hoping to end up with one that would work to send in our Christmas cards. Below are a few of my favorites!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Merry Christmas from the Luce Family

We thought it would be simpler to write and share our Christmas letter on our blog this year. If you're reading this, we're glad you've found it, and invite you to read past posts of our adventures over the year, and hope you check back for future life updates!

This is a summary of what we've been up to. If you're looking for more detail, click on the blue hyper links provided.

Again, we've had a busy yet exciting year together!

Tom has continued to work on and ride his motorcycle, and I've enjoyed a few sunny day rides with him as well. Tom is also working teaching himself how to program in an attempt to create some simple programs for the Android operating system. Tom's spare time has also been spent reading books, including titles from the work of R.A. Heinlein, A.C. Clark, C.S. Lewis, and O.S. Card.

I've worked on several fun arty projects, including turning a pink wall blue, completely changing our dining room table and chairs, along with many sewing, crochet, knitting, and stamping adventures. You can see most of these over at That Luce Girl's Art. Cherry and apple canning were new activities for me this year, as is soap making for both Tom and I (We have yet to be successful in this endeavor!).

In the late winter and early spring we played frisbee golf at a field in Redmond a few times. This was exciting because the field had several feet of standing water in it at times! In March we were able to attend a pastor/church leadership conference for a few days. We gleaned lots of information to implement in our life with those around us, and in both of our relationships with Jesus.

In April we formally began the process of embryo adoption through Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park. We currently have custody and are parents of 6 frozen embryos in Seattle! We're looking forward to the implantation of 2 of them in 2010. Instead of explaining embryo adoption here, let me refer you to a couple of our earlier blog entries with many details: Part 1 & Part 2.

We've also had several fun trips this year! In June we spent 8 days in Maine, Nova Scotia, and on Prince Edward Island. We explored Halifax, Peggy's Cove, and the area the Anne of Green Gables stories were written in and modeled after. It was so much fun to see the beautiful red sand, climb up into a lighthouse beacon tower, and stay in cute historic buildings! We spent our 4th anniversary on Whidbey Island, ending the trip with a crab-catching excursion with my family. Tom has been sent to Virginia 3 times this year on work trips, 2 of which I've been able to travel with him. While he worked I was able to explore a little, and together we saw a Frank Lloyd Wright home and several historic places in the area.

In October we made a weather-daring Jeep trip to Gallagher Head Lake (near Salmon le Sac) with Tom's brother, Dave, and his girlfriend, Becky. It was beautiful, but so very cold! (Check out the link for some of my favorite pictures from the whole year!)

We have continued to try to serve at our church as opportunities arise. We still love hosting and leading a small community group in our home each week. Hearing about other's lives, praying for one another and the church, serving the community around us, and sharing what we've been learning as we try to honor and reflect Jesus is such a blessing!

We're looking forward to Kelly's, my sister, marriage to Alex in the spring, celebrating our 5th anniversary, and spending even more time with friends in 2010! We hope each of you has had a good year, and would love to hear about it sometime soon!

Tom & Stacy Luce

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Today someone told me to have a happy turkey day, and it kind of rubbed me wrong. Similarly, last week when we were in Virginia for Tom's work trip, we heard a radio DJ say that gluttony was a good thing. On my way home from my errands this morning I was thinking about this and wondering how many people actually think about what they are thankful for this time of year or if it really is just an excuse to worship the idol of food or a day off. Tonight we're going to a Thanksgiving sharing service at church, so I thought I'd get a head start and share some of the things I'm thankful for, in no particular order.
  • I'm very thankful for Tom, my godly husband who takes care of and provides for me.
  • I'm thankful that Jesus chose to save me from a hopeless existence.
  • I'm thankful for our home, where I can work on projects, cook, and where we can have friends and family over.
  • I'm thankful that we have 6 adopted embryos waiting for us. (I'll catch you up to date on this later!)
  • I'm thankful for our kitties who keep me entertained and give fuzzy snuggles.
  • I'm thankful for our church and community group. We've got some great friends that we can share conversations and interests with, knowing that at the root of it all, we agree that Jesus is why we live and love.

Monday, November 9, 2009

D-Blog Day

November is Diabetes awareness month, in which, today is D-Blog Day. For this event I've decided to share what a typical day of testing blood sugars and keeping them in line looks like. I hope you find it somewhat interesting.

First, I'll share with you what blood sugar numbers mean! Good blood sugar in a type-1 diabetic should range from 70-140. If they're lower than 70 then I need to drink something sugary, normally grape flavored capri sun for me because the packet is the perfect amount of sugar! If it's higher than 140 I need to take a little more insulin.

7-8:30am: Wake up and check blood sugar. Take insulin and wait half an hour to eat breakfast. If it's shorter than half an hour, my blood sugar goes high then dips low later in the morning. If I wait longer than half an hour, my blood sugar goes low, then high later in the morning. Low blood sugars typically result in a migraine for me and do kill brain cells, so I try to avoid the lows at all costs! I can generally tell if my blood sugar is dropping too low because I start to feel panicked and sleepy. If you're ever around me and my mood changes dramatically, tell me to check my blood because it's probably low!

10:30am: Check blood post meal. If my blood sugar is high or low at this point, I'll either treat the low with some juice or take insulin for a high blood sugar. If either of these situations occur, then I will probably check my blood every 30 minutes for the next couple hours.

12-1pm: Check blood before lunch and take insulin, then wait 30 minutes to eat.

2-4pm: I generally check my blood sugar 2-3 times in this time frame to adjust for lows, highs, or just to make sure I'm keeping in range.

5-7pm: Dinner time! Another blood check, insulin, and wait 30 minutes to eat.

8-9pm: Check blood 1-2 hours post meal, adjust with insulin if necessary.

10pm-12am: Check blood before going to bed. This is the time of day I need to make sure my blood doesn't go low once I'm asleep. I do typically wake up if I'm low, but it's still not a fun feeling.

  • Exercise: If I happen to go to the gym, do a lot of cleaning, or walk around much while running errands, my blood sugar will drop lower. If I know I'm going to be active, my pump has a nifty function that lets me cut my insulin by a percentage for an amount of time that I choose. If I don't realize that I'm exerting as much energy, then I typically will have to recharge a couple times during the activity with juice.
  • High Fat Foods: These take longer to digest, which means I'm more likely to have a low blood sugar within an hour of eating and then to have higher blood sugars for the next 3-4 hours afterwards as the food kicks in. Again, my pump has an option just for these tricky meals that lets me spread my meal insulin gradually over an amount of time that I choose.
  • Coffee: This is one I haven't totally figured out yet! If I drink coffee in the morning, my blood sugar rises about 3 hours later, needing more insulin. However, if I drink it in the afternoon, I only need insulin for the creamer I put in it! I'm guessing that my body may be more sensitive to the caffeine in the morning.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Last Friday night we got to attended a masquerade party, a 10 year wedding anniversary celebration for our campus pastor and his wife known as Harleween. We'd spent a couple weeks browsing for masks online, but kept getting frustrated with prices. A couple days before the party I made a quick trip to Joann Fabrics and Michaels to see what I could find in the way of mask supplies. We both got base masks to start with, and then added paint, paper mache, edging, feathers, and such. Tom took a set of lenses out of one of his older pairs of glasses and attached them to his mask so he could still see.

The party was at the World Trade Center in Seattle, looking out over Lake Union. It was a super rainy night, which made the view a little more fun. We had a lot of fun celebrating with the Harlemans, visiting with our friends, and munching on yummy snacks and cupcakes (apricot cranberry punch is a wondrous thing)! I even got to re-use the matron of honor dress from Rebecca's wedding!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Little Trip (Part 2 of 2)

On Friday I dropped Tom off at work again, then went back to our hotel to try to get a little more sleep. I couldn't get to sleep, so I checked us out and headed across the street to read at Borders for a few hours, grabbed lunch, and headed back to pick up Tom. We drove back towards Washington DC, hoping to make it to the Frank Lloyd Wright Pope-Leighley House before they closed.

It turns out they closed an hour before their website stated, but we were still able to walk onto the property and see both the Frank Lloyd Wright house and Woodlawn Plantation. The Woodlawn Plantation is 2000 acres of land with a large brick home, built in 1805. The land and home were a gift from George Washington to one of his younger relatives and was originally part of Mt. Vernon. It has been turned into a bit of a museum and park with beautiful old trees and plants.

The Pope-Leighley house was moved to the Woodlawn Plantation in 1964 to save it from destruction during the building of route 66. I think it's a pretty simple but nice home. Maybe Tom can build one?

(On a side note, Tom says we need a new pose for taking pictures of ourselves.)
We were just a few miles from Mt. Vernon, so we drove past George Washington's Grist Mill and Distillery. We were able to see Mt. Vernon from a back gate. From there, we continued along the waterfront into Maryland where we spent the night in Oxon Hills. (Yes, they really spell it like that.)

On Saturday we slept in, turned our car in at the airport, then hung out for a few hours waiting for our flight. Just as we were getting ready to board it started dumping rain. The little luggage carts our by the planes were driving around in about 8" of water. We had a quick 30 minute flight to Philadelphia where we then sat on the taxi way for about an hour, waiting for them to let us take off because there was a ton of rain once again. On that flight a guy had a heart attack, but a couple doctors who were on the plane were able to take care of him. At first they called for EMTs and doctors, which was a little scary to me because I don't feel like I've got a fresh enough mind when it comes to medical emergencies. We finally landed in Seattle, reclaimed out car, and were home!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Little Trip (Part 1 of 2)

Last week Tom had another business trip to Virginia, on which I got to accompany him. We left home at 2:30AM on Wednesday and arrived back last night around 11PM.

When we landed in Washington DC it was sunny and much warmer than I'd expected. We found out rental car, a 2010 Chevy Cobalt (extremely uncomfortable seats), and drove towards the capitol building. We managed to find parking, although we're still unsure if it was really a lot open to us or not. They weren't very sign-proficient. We walked around the capitol building and enjoyed the beautiful fall colored trees surrounding it.

From there we drove around some of the business area of the city, past the Jefferson Memorial, around the White House, and around the Washington Monument. Traffic was packed into the streets, so this took us about an hour to accomplish.

We then sat in traffic for another couple hours trying to get to our hotel in Stafford, Virginia. Neither of us slept well that night because the parts Tom needed to use for his business trip hadn't made it to the hotel yet. He ended up staying up most of the night, on the phone with UPS, eventually driving to Fredericksburg to pick them up himself.

On Thursday I dropped Tom off for work, then drove towards Fredericksburg to see George Washington's Ferry Farm, the land of the home where he grew up. I was a bit disappointed because the website made it sound like the ruins of the home had been dug up and were still laying there for people to see. It turns out that they have covered the space back up and have planted grass where the ruins were. They had about 10 items on display in the entrance building, but that was it!

I drove back and picked Tom up from work so we could explore a little of the area together. We drove through the Fredericksburg Battlefield and into old Fredericksburg. We saw quite a few historic churches, many beautiful brick homes, and some older broken down buildings along the river. Sadly, we had forgotten our tripod in the hotel room.

From there we used our GPS to find Cracker Barrel where we ate dinner. Neither of us were able to finish our food! I had chicken and dumplings for the first time, and know they're not my thing. We filled our car up with gas and headed back for a better night of sleep!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Since I got my own canning pot and have accumulated quite a few canning jars I was really wanting to can apple pie filling this fall. Last week Tom's mom and I went to Remlinger Farms in Carnation where I was able to find lots of great produce, including 26 pounds of Granny Smith and Fuji apples, a much better price than at a grocery store.

I knew I needed to find a product called ClearJel, a starchy substance that doesn't break down in the boiling process, to go in the pie filling mix before I started canning. The lady at Remlinger told me she was out but that I should be able to find it at Safeway. Riiiiiiiight. I checked Safeway, Top Foods, Albertsons, and QFC. None of them had it or appeared to have carried it recently. The clerks all told me I was looking for fruit pectin, something that goes in jams and jellies, which I knew wasn't right. I did a little more research and made a few calls only to find out that it has to be mail ordered, and the companies (including Amazon) who carry it ship 5 days after you place the order. That was not going to work with my apples' life expectancy.

I looked through my canning book again and decided I'd just can apple slices to later be made into pie filling. I spent 2 afternoons washing, peeling, slicing, and coring. Once I had all the slices ready, I soaked them in lemon water to prevent browning, boiled them for 10 minutes in a light syrup, and funneled them into jars to process for 20 minutes.

I ended up with 9 quart jars. One quart is perfect for an apple pie filling!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


We spent Friday night and Saturday on a Jeep adventure with Dave and his friend Becky. We left Redmond at about 8PM and met Dave and Becky in Roslyn around 9:30PM. Our plan was to drive to the end of the paved road and camp at the Salmon Le Sac campground. It turned out that they had already closed the campground for the season, so we decided to head up the dirt road and find a nice place to camp. We ended up turning off the forest service road onto our Jeep trail (Fortune Creek Trail) and followed it up to Gallagher Head Lake to camp!

We've done this trail the past 2 years on Labor Day weekend and have noticed huge variances in the weather. In 2007 the temperatures were in the 70s and 80s. In 2008 we know it was 43 degrees at 9PM when we went to bed. This year, 4 weeks later in the season the temperature ranged from 31 in our tent to 37 degrees outside during the day! Check out the set below, taken at Gallagher Head Lake, comparing 2008 and 2009.

Tom and I had a hard time sleeping because it was so cold. I think we finally went to sleep after the coyote finished howling and the sun came up. On Saturday we made hot oatmeal and I tried some free Starbucks Via instant coffee... it was gross for the record. We tromped around the lake, Tom disconnected our front sway-bar, and we drove to the end of Hawkins Mountain Mines Trail.

I got to drive most of this road, managing to avoid the hole I got us stuck in last year. There are 2 really steep parts of this road. I was able to get up the first, but couldn't get all the way up the second hill. Tom jumped out to help guide me, but I still ended up having to back down to the base (which was rather a scary feat). Dave tried the hill and had to back down too. Eventually Tom got our Jeep to the top and was able to help guide Dave.

We munched our lunch and walked around the meadow, amazed at the beautiful colors the scrub was turning. Tom, Dave and Becky climbed to the top of the ridge you can see in the next picture while I hung out in the sun in the meadow below. It started snowing later in the afternoon, so Becky and I ran the heater and sat in our Jeep for a few minutes. I had fun with the camera, but discovered I need to remember to check the lens for fuzzies.

It was getting colder and my sinuses were starting to hurt more, so we decided to head home Saturday evening instead of Sunday morning. We had a fun drive back through the trails. Oh, and the number used as the title for this post? That's the number of miles the Jeep ended this trip on!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Catching Up

I just realized it's been a month since the last time I updated our blog! I'll try my best to catch you up on the events of the past few weeks.

Our big laundry room remodel project has taken most of our weekend time. We now have a new washer and dryer that are very functional! The washer-dryer combo unit that was here when we moved in had gotten so old that we had to keep the dryer door closed with duct tape. This would turn a typical 3 hour drying cycle into a 4-5 hour process! When the dryer would heat up the duct tape would warm up and slide around, releasing the door. Our new GE set only takes 45 minutes per cycle, and we can fit so much into them! I've already washed our queen size comforter in it!

Tom had a business trip to Virginia, during which most of the time I was sick. I'm thankful to have friends and family who were able to help me get to the doctor and kept me from getting too lonely. Hopefully on Tom's next trip I'll get to go with him!

I've been busy with a few projects... making couch pillow covers, finishing a baby blanket for my friend's baby shower, and making cards.

Last Saturday I had about 20 ladies over for Rebecca's baby shower. It was fun to watch her open gifts full of cute girly clothes and fuzzy blankets. We played a few games that I've heard about but hadn't ever seen before. Heather and I spent a few minutes melting 10 different kinds of chocolate bars and spreading them in disposable diapers. The guests were then able to look and smell them in an effort to figure out which kind of chocolate bar was in each diaper. We also played a game with 8 jars of baby food, minus their labels. Again, I let people look, smell, and taste to decide which variety was in each jar. I had never seen macaroni and cheese baby food before... wow is it bright yellow!

On Monday night I was getting dinner ready for Tom and I, slicing some fresh green beans I'd found at Remlinger Farms earlier in the day. While trying to get one finger out of the way of the knife, I managed to stick my thumb in its path. I washed it out but didn't want to look at it, so I waited for Tom to get home to do a better evaluation. He said it was the biggest cut he'd seen and it was definitely down into the fatty tissue. I'd been able to get dinner finished and into the refrigerator so we were able to head out to a walk-in clinic. The doctor cleaned the cut out again, filled my finger with something Novocaine-like, and gave me 3 stitches. The doctor was willing to show us and explain how to tie stitches, which was fun. I have to keep them in for 2 weeks, then either Tom can take them out or we can go back to the clinic.

Hopefully that fills you in! We have a few fun things planned over the next few weeks, which I'll try to keep you up on!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Oops Dinner

When I was at Ikea this past spring I bought one of their $10 Wok pans. This week while waiting for my used books to be looked through at Third Place Books I found a cookbook, Easy Chinese Stir Fries, that looked like it had recipes I could manage.

Last night I decided to try the Kung Pao Chicken with a few modifications. I left the peanuts out and added some orange bell pepper and mushrooms. The recipe called for some small chili peppers, but said I could substitute red pepper flakes for them. I chose to do this because I didn't want to run over to the grocery store when I had the flakes.

I put the chicken in a little of the prescribed marinade, cut the veggies up, stuck some oil in my Wok and added 2 tablespoons of pepper flakes. That sounded like a lot of pepper flakes, and I could hardly breath in the kitchen because of the pepper fumes so I double checked, and yup it still said tablespoons. The chicken and veggies cooked nicely in the Wok and we attempted microwave rice because I forgot to start it earlier on the stove.

Everything looked and smelled right. We sat down to eat and Tom stuck one of the mushrooms with rice in his mouth and I had to put out a small fire. The chicken and veggies were sooooo spicy that I wasn't able to eat it. Tom managed to eat a little more of his, but wow! He went to look at the recipe and sure enough.... it said teaspoons! Well, next time I'll triple check on the measurement of peppers. The flavor was just what I was hoping for aside from the spice, and the Wok was super easy to cook with!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My New Book Nook

I love gardening, but have struggled over the last 3 years to find plants that will survive on our back deck. The deck only gets 2-3 hours of sun on a good day. The first year we lived here I planted about 5 different kinds of herbs, which didn't survive. Our Orangey kitty decided he liked to help himself to snacks of chives, and the rest turned yellow and became spindly. We had a rose bush that we brought with us from our previous home that likes to grow tall, but doesn't like to bloom. I also tried a primrose and a gerbera daisy that lasted for 2 summers.

This summer I've still got the crazy non-blooming rose, but we've added a few things that seem to be happier! A lavender plant and some transplanted mint both smell wonderful when brushed. Tom's mom gave me a rosemary bush and an azalea which are also doing really well! (As long as you don't count the kitties who think a chomp of azalea is a good snack!) I have 2 kinds of succulents, and recently added a honeysuckle plant. I spent a couple days looking for inexpensive, non-plastic, brightly colored pots and scored at Ravenna Gardens and Ross. I also found a deck table in an icky green metal color at Ross that I spray painted an exciting grape color.

Now I can sit out on the deck and read! This consternates the kitties a little because they thought they owned the deck, but this morning Orange was willing to share the space with me once we saw a woodpecker on one of the backyard trees!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Julie and Julia

Today I got to meet my sister and a couple friends to watch the new movie, Julie & Julia. I loved it! This is one of the few chick-flicky movies I've seen in the past several years that had a good story, based on a couple of true stories (My Life in France by Julia Child and Julie and Julia by Julie Powell). I appreciated this movie because it showed the value of a stable trusting marriage, something pretty rare as far as I can tell in Hollywood.

Before this, I had never given much to who Julia Child was, but now I'm intrigued. I stopped in Borders at the mall after the movie to see how much Julia Child's cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, cost in all it's large hard backed glory. I was expecting to find a $50-60 book, but was shocked to find it on a front display in a 2-book hardback set for only $20! Somehow on top of that they gave me an extra discount that left me only paying $15! I'm looking forward to trying my new recipes... and I promise I won't try every one of them in a year's time. I didn't know the other 2 books this movie was based on were even available, but they are so now I'm on the hunt for a couple good used copies. I'm also curious if I will be able to dig up any of the old episodes from when Julia was in her television cooking show.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today I left to run to the rubber stamp store for paper, and instead came home with 2 huge garbage bags full of legos! As I was heading down the hill from our home, Tom's mom called to let me know she'd found several bags of legos at the Value Village a few streets up. I changed my route and met her. She wasn't kidding! There were enough legos (a rare commodity at a thrift shop) to fill an entire shopping cart. We've spent the evening sorting through the bags because there are some duplo style legos that we want to separate, and a few green army men, playmobile people without hair, and some megablocks. We're pretty amazed because they are very clean and not broken!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Low Blood Sugar's Antics

I headed out this afternoon for a few quick errands. My last stop was in Kirkland to look at the flower pots at Ravenna Gardens and to pick up caramel sauce for the iced caramel macchiatos we've been churning through in the last few weeks.

Paying for a bright yellow flower pot in Ravenna Gardens and walking out to stick it in my car, I realized I had the panicky-low-blood sugar sensation. Sure enough, I was low. Normally I would just pull a grape Capri Sun out of my purse, suck it down in 3 or 4 swallows and be on my way again. This time I decided I'd walk into the Starbucks a couple shops down from my car and just get a sweet drink there while I picked up my caramel sauce. I got my drink right away and started drinking it down. That's when I realized that if I drank it all at once I wouldn't have any to enjoy slowly through the straw, which I always chew on subconsciously to make it last longer.

I reluctantly pulled a trusty Capri Sun from my purse and drank it quickly as I walked back to my car. I still felt the funny "low" feeling. I opened my door and sat down in the driver's seat. I reached to set my Starbucks drink down in the pull-out drink holder, and found myself opening the sunglasses compartment! This silly mix up reminded me to sit there for a few more minutes and recheck my blood sugar before "clearing" myself to drive home.

This is one of the funnier mix-ups I've had recently with a low blood sugar. So... if you ever see me doing irrational things, tell me to check my blood sugar!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sever Beach

Yesterday Tom and I and my brother were looking for something fun to do outside. We decided to pick up Tom's parents' canoe and take the ferry to Vashon Island from West Seattle. Tom's Grandma owns some property there that I'd never been to, and Tom had not been there since he was about 16! While we were on the ferry we saw the Blue Angels flecking across the sky over Lake Washington. Leaving the ferry, we found a Subway for lunch and headed towards the property. We found it and parked on the side of the road to walk down to the beach and cabin. The driveway was overgrown with blackberries, ivy, fox tails, and a few nettles, but fortunately canoe paddles get rid of these pretty easily! Tom and I threw a bunch of rotting logs and trees off to the side and we were eventually able to drive down to the end of the driveway.

Once there, we had to get the canoe down a steep path to the water. Tom and my brother ended up sliding it down the trail in a controlled fashion. We put our brand new crab pot down with some chicken bait. I was amazed that the water was so clear! We dropped the pot down about 20-30 feet and could see it resting on the sand! I also observed a rather large jelly fish swimming around below us. We left the pot down for about 2 hours. When we pulled it up we had 2 red rock crabs, 1 of them was a keeper! The tide had gone out a little by the time we were getting ready to leave, so I was able to take some pictures on the beach and of the the front of the cabin from the beach. We found a large tonka truck had washed up!

While we were waiting for the crabs to discover our crab pot, we enjoyed the sun next to the cabin. I was able to finish my Miss Read book, and Tom read a couple Tintin books. We enjoyed the day, the sound of the water, no traffic noise, and lovely weather! We're both excited to go back soon and help work on the property.